• Fire Begets Fire | Kevan Grinwis | 11.1.2020
    As Jesus followers, we know that we are all called to go, making disciples, seeing them baptized, and actively engaging in their instruction… all within the context of partnership with the ever present Spirit of Christ, the Holy Spirit. So, why do we see such a small emphasis on discipleship in the modern church and […]
  • Agents of Change | Jamie Grinwis | 10.18.2020
    Jamie continues our Fall small group series, A Church In The City, with a message about being Salt and Light titled Agents of Change. This week’s discussion questions are… On Sunday, Jamie reminded us that Jesus referred to Himself as the Light of the World, and that this was a truth that He backed it […]
  • A Beacon of Hope | Jamie Grinwis | 10.11.2020
    Our Fall Series, entitled “A Church in the City”, continues this week ,along with our Fall round of Small Groups. This week’s discussion questions are… We know and believe that Jesus is beginning and end of our hope, as believers. Tell the group about some of the first in counters you had in your relationship with […]
  • 7 Channels of Kingdom Influence
    Kevan continues our fall series, A Church in the City, with an important message titled 7 Channels of Kingdom Influence. Follow us on Instagram @DCCGR Join us on YouTube, Sunday’s at 10am for worship and teaching live from DCC. – DCC YouTube
  • Power Evangelism | Kris Chayer | 9.27.2020
    We continue our Fall 2020 Small Group series, A Church In The City, with a message from Kris titled “Power Evangelism.”
  • Kingdom Purpose For Everyday Life – 9.20.2020
    Kris Chayer kicks off our 2020 Fall Small Group series entitled “A Church In The City” and shares practical knowledge on how to live every day life with Kingdom Purpose.