A Beacon of Hope | Jamie Grinwis | 10.11.2020

Our Fall Series, entitled “A Church in the City”, continues this week ,along with our Fall round of Small Groups.

This week’s discussion questions are…
  1. We know and believe that Jesus is beginning and end of our hope, as believers. Tell the group about some of the first in counters you had in your relationship with Him that brought this hope into your life.
  2. On Sunday, Jamie talked about how we often trade hope in Christ for our own understanding or the understanding of others (both knowingly and unknowingly). Discuss as a group some examples of of this from your own life and how Jesus brought you back to hope in Him.
  3. As the body of Christ we know that Christ is in us, which is the hope of glory. Describe to the group, some simple and practical ways that you have been able to be a Beacon of Hope in your every day life.