Shameless Living Pt 2 | Kevan Grinwis | 11.15.2020

On this episode, Kevan will conclude a two week series entitled, “Shameless Living”.
Shame is a devastating, destructive force in the life of a person. It is an attack against our identity and can penetrate to the core of who we understand ourselves to be. It can have a long term impact on our relationships with others and even our relationship with God. So, how can we be free of shame?

Fire Begets Fire | Kevan Grinwis | 11.1.2020


As Jesus followers, we know that we are all called to go, making disciples, seeing them baptized, and actively engaging in their instruction… all within the context of partnership with the ever present Spirit of Christ, the Holy Spirit. So, why do we see such a small emphasis on discipleship in the modern church and why does it seem that our model is geared more to getting people to come in rather than going out?

Kevan wraps up our series, A Church in the City, with a message that talks about this, and what Jesus has called us to do…GO!